THE GL.A.DE | Sennah Yee

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Sennah Yee is from Toronto, Canada, where she recently wrote her thesis on gendered robot design. Her work has been featured in The Found Poetry Review, Hobart, Poor Claudia, and Cosmonauts Avenue. Her two chapbooks, THE AQUARIUM and THE GL.A.DE, are both at Dancing Girl Press. Her first book, CRITERIA FOR CRAZY, is forthcoming from Metatron Press in 2017. Find her at:




There’s something about driving in the city by the water at night, something about the smog and the sea.


He asks her to put out her smoke. She pretends not to have heard him for a moment, squeezing in an extra drag. She pokes her head out the window to blow, tosses her cigarette on the road.


She catches the eye of a woman driving next to them, alone in a cherry convertible, roof down, gold bangles clanging against the steering wheel.


The woman pulls out a cigarette of her own. When she exhales, she tilts her head up, kissing the sky with her eyes closed.