The God Baby | Hilda Sheehan & Jill Carter

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Hilda Sheehan's debut collection is, The Night my Sister Went to Hollywood (Cultured Llama Press, 2013) She has also published a chapbook of prose poems, Frances and Martine (Dancing Girl, 2014) 'Joyously funny ... comic writing with a bite' David Caddy, Tears in the Fence. Hilda is the director of Poetry Swindon.
Jill Carter is a multi-media artist based in the UK. Her diverse performative practice explores narratives of identity, creating dark, quirky and engaging off artworks and collections.  She enjoys drawing, printing and transforming findings and offerings into stitched and bound talismanic objects. Passionate about journaling, her one off books are badly behaved and full of curious observations and musings.  




The God Baby

A god came out of a woman
and took over her house.

‘I am a god!’ he screamed
from his baby mouth

and in no language.

This god was massive: 25lb in her arms!
And her opening, from out he came

was a secret cave where light beamed
through at certain times

of the day – and out
had come this god

looking nothing like his father.