The God of Cold Girls and Cold Places / Lizzy Huitson

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Lizzy Huitson grew up in the tiny English village of Little London (nothing to do with actual London) and studied Psychology and Biology at The University of Reading. She now lives in Abingdon and is a member of Abingdon Writers. Her poetry has most recently been published in Salamander, Goblin Fruit, The Corner Club Press and Dead Flowers: A Poetry Rag. 




The Girl on the Steps


Sugar bag baby, you shocked us all.

Clung, monkey-style

to any offered finger.


Dog eyes, cat throat,

Cat Latin from a rough tongue.

Still, he said to kiss you was like

licking the inside of a shell, with a tongue he hadn’t quite

grown into (mostly edges

and china-smooth parts).

At every age,

a weakness for blue-flavoured ice pops.

Lazy on rooftops, other times

impossible to catch.

Impossible to open up, he nicknamed you

Pistachio. Discard if difficult.