The Greenwood Cemetery | Katie Fuller

$ 7.00

Originally from Maine, Katie Fuller lives in Idaho. She works at The Cabin, A Center for Readers & Writers and holds an MFA from Boise State. Another chapbook, Valve,  is out from DoubleCross Press. 





The girls suspect a narrative leads back toward a knowing. This is dangerous land. Stakeholders make their claims for a perfect view. Justified construction of shelters— adorned to survive. A window lets in light. A window keeps out cold. To reassert authority through opaque insulation. Outside an honest darkness.




Seeking the aesthetics of a gutted thing. Exposed foundations and animal forms. Framing in the wind. The builders hold monopolies on concepts. Knitting still makes. Needles clack. Hats produced. The girls imagine an outside separate from a kill. An empty space created by purl by garter stitch. So cute what they can’t find there—let’s eat.




To bring the birds in they use the call. A kind of music the girls get used to. No looking. The song is the lure. Less less less less. Movement and speech. Quiet the eyes. Take in the rookery. Swallow authenticity for the remainder. Then use the sinews to string the lyres. The girls agree to pictures. But only with the animals.