The Idea of God | Bianca Rodriguez

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Bianca Rodríguez received her BA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago. Her poems and short stories can be found in Allium and Hair Trigger. In 2022, she was chosen as a Poet Representative for DePaul’s Citywide Undergraduate Poetry Festival. When she’s not writing, you can find her cooking with friends or wearing down another pair of converse. The Idea of God and Other Sweet Things is her first published chapbook. 



After Eating a Peach

If you satiated every nerve, every piece
of peach and tender bruising, would you remember
each feeling between your fingertips
afterwards? That soft fuzz before breaking

the skin? Would you retire in this
shared ground under the tree that fed
you? Entangle your legs in its roots, flick the soil
under your nails and shake the sunlight

from your hair? Would you let the aftermath
collect down your chin, evaporate into crystals
of sugar? What would you do with that seed, feeling
of ephemeral pleasure, sitting in your palm?