The Little Red Poem: A Dosage of Placebo Poetry | Katrin Talbot

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Australian-born Katrin Talbot’s collection noun’d,  verb was recently released from dancing girl press. She has two other chapbooks, including Freeze-Dried Love from Finishing Line Press, and St. Cecilia’s Daze, published by Parallel Press and has been published widely in literary journals and anthologies. A song cycle based on her poetry was premiered in Toronto last year. Ms. Talbot is also a violist and photographer and her coffee table book, Schubert’s Winterreise-A Winter Journey in Poetry, Image, and Song is published by the University of Wisconsin Press. She has recently been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes in Poetry and once received enough prize money from a national poetry contest to fund a Dairy Queen run.


Placebo Poetry

Here lies
a set of chameleon poems,
accompanied by Stalinesque directives,
to use at your convenience

Slip them into an intended’s coffee only
while they are watching,
fold them into paper airplanes,
launch them in the direction of
jealousy, of greed

Change the world, but know
you are reading these
at your own