The Little Universe / Meghan Bliss

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2015



 Meghan Bliss is a writer and editor whose creative work has been published in Rust+Moth, Southern Women's Review, A Poetry Congeries, What the Fiction, Charlotte Writers Anthology, and Mary Jane's Farm, among others. She lives in Coastal North Carolina with her husband, Patrick, and writes at 



Skip and Sink


I once knew a man who must’ve looked for missing

parts of himself in women across the whole country.

He was a frayed saddle, a weathered skin of butter-soft

leather and bold-buckled bones.


He had horse-hoof hair and eyes like river stones

I once skipped across the current while my father shoved hooks

through soft, pliable bodies of worms, and all I wanted to do

was follow follow       follow and dip into that placid blue,

to inhale the heavy silk, the fishwater, the bleak milky everything.


Instead I’d only imagine that sprightly skip and sink

when my father, in his heavy-breathed whorl of whiskey and pine,

would trace is trout-mouthed fingers up my thigh,


and later, when the man with river stone eyes would lay

his heaviness into me, his fingers like those fish books,

teeth tasting like rain.