The Other World / Lucy Biederman

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 Lucy Biederman has poems in the current or forthcoming issues of Gargoyle, ILK, The Tusculum Review, Shampoo, Many Mountains Moving, and Ping Pong. She is currently a doctoral student in English Literature at the University of Louisiana.

from The Other World

Bite the highway, it’s soft as bread in this humid air.
Elegant as a teenage lifeguard, day stretches its fingertips up toward
Night every day every night.
Backed against the ice cream palace, cars & scooters purr like boners.
Raised here, buttered & bred, where all the hours are
Off ones. Even making money’s druggy & slow. Bars, cars.
Writing your life, right? Minus all that sitting alone in this stiff
New chance looking one more time through letters & photographs.