The Sadness of July / Katie Jean Shinkle

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2012

Katie Jean Shinkle is author of three chapbooks, most recently As Close to Smiling as You Can Get (The Cupboard, forthcoming). Other work can be found in or is forthcoming from Third Coast, Salt Hill, Puerto del Sol, Blackbird, and elsewhere. She is currently a doctoral candidate in creative writing at the University of Denver.

from Sadness of July:

When does the body become moving out

And where do you go

Where does the body go

When does a mortuary become a post office,

when does a memoriam become perpendicular

as in when do we remember we have to go

door-to-door to sell this body,

to see this body go, to sustain this body,

to be in this body we must say the right

words. When did you stop saying the

right words.

When does the body become happenstance.

When does the body become