The Sleep Volumes | Phoebe Wayne

$ 7.00

 Phoebe Wayne is the author of two chapbooks: The Sleep Volumes from dancing girl press, and Lovejoy from c_L press. She is also the author of an art/poetry collaboration in book form called Aa (with artist Kerri Rosenstein), and poems published or forthcoming in journals such as Yew, Horse Less Review, and Trickhouse. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her family, and works as a librarian.




Too much too loud, too soft and facing page

I cross from a civic paragraph

And there’s our young friend up high

A volume of language brushing the blue air

Around his face his feathered mouth

The door closes, it’s all chimes and wet road

Sounds, close in and block-mined wood floor

And opens again to this bench holding up

The day and the people absorbing the cold

From the city, pulling endless white breath


I take hands and draw the boy

Articulated from the cloud-frame

To the murmur of brick and text clatter

We fold and unfold with the weather