The Swallows of America

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Maria Garcia Teutsch, MA, MFA, is an award-winning poet and professor. Her newest collection, The Swallows of America will be published by Dancing Girl Press in the Fall of 2021. The Revolution Will Have its Sky, won the Minerva Rising chapbook competition, judged by the wondrous Heather McHugh. Maria is a poet, editor, educator and publisher. She has published over 25 book/journals of poetry as editor-in-chief of the Homestead Review, published by Hartnell College in Salinas, and Ping-Pong journal of art and literature, published by the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California. She teaches poetry and creative writing at Hartnell College as a member of their faculty. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ping-Pong Free Press, and publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Poet Republik Ltd. 




America’s Over

my love is green pennies
resting at the bottom of your throat.
The same well I once used for wishing.

I chant an earthquake--
I chant of shifting plates--
but rulers sleep in Richter stillness.