The Taxidermist's Girl | M.K. Brake

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M.K. Brake is a poet, essayist, and educator from Atlanta, GA. Her work can be found in Bayou Magazine, Smoking Glue Gun, Bone Bouquet, Wesleyan’s Best American Experimental Writing, and others. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Louisiana State University. Currently, she lives in Iowa City where she is pursuing an MFA in Nonfiction from the University of Iowa. The Taxidermist’s Girl is her first chapbook. 


His Percussive Curdle


Just let me have you already. Extend your milk-like so I can drink from the tap and I’ll do that whole not-surrender thing too. Your fickle and my façade negate our commonality of sludge.  So if we’re going to be left clothesless and dehydrated I’ll drip-drip-drip my everything into your anything mew.  We are a cat and a dog made for kicking.  Hit me!—you’re breathing too loud if I can’t have it.  I’ll ferment you blind. I’ll suck your teeth. I can’t let me love you yet because you forgot about me for two days but then remembered me for three so if we can just get this thing exponentially going then—! And what was I saying that nourishment is rot if I can’t have it, honey sour if I can’t have it.  I said your drum is gum if I can’t have it. Bang it and stick sticky and never get away until you give it away, never gone until get gone and gimme gimme crash bang! Bang it bang it bang it. Bang it.