The Way Home / Ashley Inguanta

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Ashley Inguanta earned her MFA from the University of Central Florida and has taught several Introduction to Creative Writing courses at the university level. She has also worked as a Creative Writing Instructor at Lakeside Alternative, a mental health facility,  and served as the director of Maitland Poets & Writers, where she lead community workshops and hosted a monthly reading series.   In 2012, Ashley joined SmokeLong Quarterly as Staff Editor, Art Director, and Art Interview Editor. Last year, she was named on of “6 Central Florida poets to know” by Orlando Arts Magazine.

Most recently, her photography has appeared in make/shift magazine, Corium, and The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review.  Ashley’s photography has also been featured in Redivider, where she was interviewed by Chandra Asar as a spotlight artist.  Also, she has a growing portfolio on Vogue Italia’s Web site,, and has photographed book covers for authors such as Darlin’ Neal and Nicole Monaghan.



The Way Home

The world shifted its weight when your heart gave out. And my body, it was becoming endless, echoing light. I made the choice to exist on the outskirts of another woman’s life the second I learned this place was burning down. It hurt so much, I knew I would die the same way you did, years later, after I grew old.

Once, a wise woman told me I could heal both of us. If only I knew what was inside of me back then.