The Women in Charge | Letitia Trent

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Letitia Trent's books include the novels Almost Dark and Echo Lake and the poetry collection One Perfect Bird. Trent's chapbooks include You aren't in this movie, Splice, and the Medical Diaries. Her nonfiction, fiction, and poetry have appeared in many places, both online and in print, including Fence, The Daily Beast, and 32 Poems. She is currently pursuing a degree in clinical psychology and lives in Colorado with her husband, son, and three black cats. She likes tarot cards, horror movies, and dreams. 



Jane Tennyson knows a great deal about why people kill other people

Jane Tennyson has seen a torture chamber, makeshift but effective, in a storage shed

Jane Tennyson has seen a child wrapped in a bag and abandoned in a river

Jane Tennyson has examined ligature marks on its throat and lipstick on its forehead

Jane Tennyson maybe said it instead of he or she, or maybe I did


Photo Credit: K. Michelle Johnson