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Grace Arenas received her MFA in poetry from the University of Montana in 2017. Her poems have appeared in Thank You For Swallowing, Pretty Owl Poetry, and Kentucky Review. She currently lives and teaches in Boston. 


nite owl


I didn’t see a ring, but that only means so much

the glinting facets of a rock only mean so much

instead look up for your convenience a dazzling trio

petrified in darkness not amber or stratum here is your

submissive your vain your perpetually chaste woman

bright spica and shell stars spread out on the pages

of this ancient playboy they’ll outlive you all a life

spent burning never spent in a matter of seconds but

come now don’t shy away behind your scope your

rocket small protruding things are you frightened

of the abyss or what it most resembles take your

andromeda yours for the taking brave perseus take

cassiopeia down a peg or two natural order leave

virgo just as she is untouched white pinpoints of light

so precise in their pointedness careful not to smudge

them sideways with your brave audacious fingers

look up sky full of sirens so far out to sea look up