This is not a love song to the dark. | Pearl Button

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Pearl is a chaos magician, tarot reader, dream worker and poet. She currently earns a living counting money. The cognitive dissonance fuels sub-solar system ₽328. She is not at all good at staying in one place for long; she prefers mountain lakes to tropical oceans; in many instances she prefers the number 4 to the number 3; she has multiple ethnic allegiances. She considers the sensation of being-at-home to be the result of a modification in the hominid sense of existential powerlessness. Said modification is her primary magical quest, but even more importantly, she prefers the dark moon to the full.

Ayup - odd.
  A practical guide to zero gravity


Although honed knives will still open skin, throwing techniques will have to be modified. Feathered fletching will not help. Do not count on the efficacy of a jump kick to crack cranial bones. It is permissible to retain a fluid stock of poisons gathered in gravity-rich environments, but serviceable containers must be reconstituted out of materials friendly to aridity and microcosmic mutation. Vid reinforcements for this guide are available through any com port. We hope this guide will make the transition to your new career full of splendid, weight-free dying, but do not hesitate to clip on and clap out should you find yourself floating without an intestinal tether. We cannot emphasize enough how troublesome this will be, and how awful you will feel if the Parrots abscond with the pin feathers, not to mention the resultant soul flight. If nothing else, kill quickly. Save torture for gravity incursions and inter-employment vacations.