This is Not a Redemption Story | Sarah Nichols

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Sarah Nichols lives and writes in Connecticut, and is the author of seven chapbooks, including Dreamland for Keeps  (Porkbelly Press, 2018), How Darkness Enters a Body (Porkbelly Press, 2018),  and Little Sister  (Grey Book Press, 2018.) Her poetry and essays have also appeared in Memoir Mixtapes, The RS 500, Dream Pop, Moonchild Magazine, Rogue Agent, and Glass: A Journal of Poetry. This is her second chapbook to be published by Dancing Girl Press.






How did the bottom start ?

Misguided kill shots in small white pills, the last
one or
second to last slicked down with

movie theater Coke. Not even James Bond
can stop

their disappearance. He takes two or three
and watches a scorpion crawl up his arm like I

watch my wall
waiting for the nod. One night

Bond goes to Shanghai. He swims
in neon jellyfish, a blinking undulation. He

must see the neon in my head. Not
a city. Not yet. Only a word that

hums, sick green. Take

all of that tiny white and
spin it to dust. There’s no

waiting there.

I take my cue from Bond---
he waits in the dark,
burns his house down.

I go back to my apartment. A
house full of white scorpions and neon.

I burn it down.