This Too Shall Be Proven Foolish | Miriam Kramer

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Miriam Kramer is a poet, currently residing in High Bridge, NJ. She majored in creative writing at Pacific University, and works at a local bookstore. She is overly sentimental, and has been known to rescue items from other peoples’ garbage. Miriam also enjoys going on photo adventures, ever seeking out locations where a tetanus infection seems inevitable (fortunately, she is up to date on her vaccines). She has read poems out loud to friends and strangers in many parking lots all over the country (and also in some established venues) and is more awkward than you could ever imagine.

Confessions to a Three-Year-Old  


Next to every elevator  

reads a sign, In Case of Fire,  

Take Stairs. I was the elevator  

set ablaze, traveling  

out of control from high to low.  

Full of destruction at the point  

of combustion, running out of oxygen.  

All I saw was fire, consuming  

the living, turning memory to dust.  

I was engulfed  

with voices  

like nails clawing at my skull.  


Johnny, you are the stairs.  

When I met you, I feared you like my own mortality,  

certain the embodiment of annihilation  

was not worth saving.  

Better left to disintegration.  


I held your sleeping body,  

the heat from my palms subsided,  

the screams behind  

my eyes went quiet.  

For the first time,  

my tears did not burn my cheeks.  

My mind became a stairwell,  

when your laughter echoes  

I am not alone. I am not  

a hollowed-out chamber.  


I never meant to be the elevator.  

A charred, unrestrained vessel of havoc.  


In Case of Fire,  

Take Stairs. Johnny, together  

we are a skyscraper.  

I will tirelessly climb the expanse.