Ticklish Pink | Susan Cynamon Allen

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Sue Allen is a pediatric physical therapist, and non-skating official for the Long Island Roller RebelsHer poems have appeared in the Poets' Performance Association Literary Review 2014 and the Perspectives II, Whispers and Shouts, Sounds of Solace, Bards Annual 2013, 2014, and 2015 anthologies, the Princess Ronkonkoma Productions Landscapes of Transition exhibit, Grabbing the Apple, and in Long Island Quarterly 25th Anniversary 'Edition and subsequently in its online edition. She was one of the grand prize winners in the Long Island Light Verse competition. 


Fast Girls

5 on 5
Fast girls on the starting line
Fist bump on face zebras on skates
Whistle—official review
The Umpire Strikes Again
Octopushy on a power jam

30 seconds time on her side
Steady Steady Steady
Rock Hard Candy busts her way through
Rogue Runner forced to the outside
Recycled, the pack reforms
Who will eat the baby?

Jamsterella taps her hips
Krispy Kreme-Her jams for Jacksonville
Does a hop, skip, and an apex jump
Kamikaze Kitten takes the lead
Then Freudian Whip gives Kitty the slip

Star pass, initial pass
Fond of her pivot Chantilly Mace
Kept behind fast girls on skates
Pack down Sandwiched to the ground
Around turn one
Bunz Bunny complains about Penny Slain
Announcers curse, recurring cliché
Smoulder Fox commits a clockwise block
Sent to the penalty box

Smack Daddy's farewell bash
Her celebratory crash
Nucking Futz denies entry to Knock-Knock
She knows who's there
She looks to Mister Pistol
For a sign to hit and quit it
Brickyard lays down the mortar
Calls off the jam