Edith & Aurelia: A Romantic Tragedy in Five Acts / Trisia Eddy

$ 7.00

Trisia Eddy is an Edmonton writer, whose work has appeared in a variety of handmade collections and literary journals, including CV2, ::stonestone::, Misunderstandings Magazine, and Wicked Alice. She is also editor and publisher of Red Nettle Press, a small press dedicated to creating original books by Alberta authors.

Act III, Scene i. An excavation site.

Everything is held in three shoeboxes, comfortably worn.

One Adidas, one Hush Puppies, one a European brand hard to pronounce. Passed on from a long-forgotten college roommate.

Well-fingered letters announcing homecomings, postcards
from Italy, Thailand, Mexico. A few stray stamps.

Photos, mostly. Sunny faces drinking wine, children hugging one another, favorite landmarks, gardens, a husband (deceased), an ex-husband (still around somewhere).

A pale ribbon, faded, stained in spots. Reminder of a lost evening: thighs touching, wavering.

A silk, a spent cloth, remnants.