Unstable Tales | Ana Prundaru

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 Ana Prundaru is a Romanian-born writer, translator and visual artist, who occasionally nomads the globe. She holds a LLB in European and International Law, as well as a MSC in Sociology of Law and works as a policy analyst for a European NGO, focusing on migration, healthcare inequality, implications of a social construction of illness and medical corruption. Her poems appear in Off the Coast, Midway Journal, Mainichi Daily News, 3AM Magazine, DIAGRAM, Literary Orphans, Mirror Dance, Gargoyle, Journal of Compressed Creative Arts and elsewhere. She is the author of a micro-chapbook "Ukiyo", from Origami Poems Project and a found poetry chapbook "Free Dirt is Yours," from SOd Press. For more information, visit www.amprundaru.wordpress.com



Love Letter and Dead Fly

I look for brochures from ballroom days
when I agitated clouds, body limping
away from claws of winter and into overflowed ponds
how you cupped my face and how the smell
of moonflowers survives the deadliest avalanches

My fingers turn sore, eyes blank at a dead fly
on a love letter and the old doves outside wait motionless
as morning unfolds, coating the stitches on my lips golden-rose
not a thing crawling beneath the sky today, but the light
is as clear as it was when your arms opened and I pressed
my frenzied skin against your wintering diaphragm

When unfortunate algorithms catch up with me, I burn
through paper trees and whitewater patterns fill moonless space
I nib on sugared bread crumbs, unbind the love letter
from the dead fly, drive uphill, toward the border