Ouija in Suburbia / Lori Lamothe

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dancing girl press, 2015

 Lori Lamothe’s poetry has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Blackbird, CALYX, cream city review, Emerge Literary Journal, Seattle Review, Stone Highway Review, Third Coast, and other magazines. She is the author a full-length collection, Trace Elements (Aldrich Press), and of two other chapbooks, Diary in Irregular Ink (ELJ Publications) and Camera Obscura (Finishing Line Press) She lives in New England with her daughter and a red Siberian husky born on Halloween..

Ouija in Suburbia

Your fingers keep going numb
and the spirit haunting our coffee table
refuses to spell its name.
Every letter is luminous
but only if you wash the board
in the light of gullibility.
Suspension of disbelief—
as when the plot calls for a marriage
to disappear behind the page
and emerge out of nowhere, suspended
in sheer air. I know the hand
is quicker than the eye.
I know the fallacy of reliable
miracles. Facts my medium of choice:
numbers of children and houses,
names of cities and streets,
dates of birth and death. I won’t
ask where your mind goes
when it walks out at night.
I won’t ask the initials
of love’s true name.