Weekend Poems / Vanessa Jimenez Gabb

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dancing girl press, 2014

Vanessa received her MFA at CUNY Brooklyn. Her most recent work has appeared or will appear in Word Riot, The Atlas Review, Similar:Peaks:: and Smoking Glue Gun. Her chap Red Poems is forthcoming from Similar:Peaks:: Poetry and Press. She co-parents fivequarterly.org.


Hey, I’ll be honest
Perhaps we shouldn’t
Go apartment hunting tmr

This town we’ve left it before
Gone all the way
To the water and chanted
For it to change us but it left
Us wrecked like old ships
On the sand cold
I’ll go though
We refuse the Fates
Put a hand
In their face

Room through room with u
Ask practical questions
About heat
Light the living room gets
Let’s open cabinets
Like we care how much they fit
Remember when we found this place
We live in now
Those empty white rooms
Of ourselves
Seemed so grand we gave in

I did
I lipsticked lines of this msg
On the bathroom mirror
Maybe that wasn’t smart or indecent enough
But we needed a thing like it
U haven’t said it was beautiful
But it’s been there a week
Have u seen it
U must see it
Every time u see yourself

We can fit the bed there