What I'm Wearing Today | Marion Deutsche Cohen

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 Every Wednesday, on half-price day, Marion Deutsche Cohen visits one or two of the Philadelphia Sallies. She's made that a commitment, as she's made it a commitment to be un-busy enough that there's plenty of time for writing, doing math, thrifting, husband, children, grandchildren, friends, and anything else she pleases. Her books total 27, including two memoirs about spousal chronic illness and a poetry collection about the experience of mathematics. She teaches math and writing at Arcadia University, where she has developed the course Mathematics in Literature. 





It’s fun to think about print tops to wear with them.
If one has big flowers, the other has to have little flowers.
If one has animals or birds, the other has to be striped or plain.
If both have red in them, they have to be different reds.
If it’s winter the top is usually a Custo
which itself has non-matching sleeves and bodice.

There’s a clothing brand called Nothing Matches.
But actually, everything matches
Or rather, clashes just right.

In most of my outfits nothing matches.
I’m the opposite of a matchmaker.
Everything has to not match.