What the Sea Washes Up / Kate Falvey

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dancing girl press, 2013

 dancing girl press, 2013

Kate Falvey's poetry and fiction have appeared in a wide and varied assortment of journals and anthologies. She is the editor in chief of the 2 Bridges Review and on the editorial board of the Bellevue Literary Review. She has also published academic articles on women writers, work for children, and far too many articles for encyclopedias and study guides on subjects ranging from women writers of horror and fantasy to the Harlem Renaissance.

Divertimento for Sea and Sunscreen

Blathering airily on blankets rough with sand,
the sun- baked collective outwits heatstroke,
biding time beneath lotion, cabanas, and brims,
flouting the flagrant nerve of the rays,
rousing, at high tide, to yank the plastic
rakes, spades, buckets, and
sour-green molds of playful octopi
from the hurtling doom
of the cresting surf.

Early morning, on the empty beach,
there is always a lone red pail or yellow shovel,
half-buried at the shoreline, as if the
children, playing in primary colors,
were washed into a lather of foamy
grays and teals, as if there
really is no rescue from
inexorable tidal