When Surrounded by Fire / Meg Cowen

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2013

 Meg Cowen lives in Connecticut where she is currently teaching creative writing at Southern CT State University and serving as editor of Noctua Review. Her second chapbook "If Tigers Do Not Come" was chosen by J.P. Dancing Bear for the Palettes and Quills chapbook prize and is forthcoming in 2013.

Notes on Jaywalking

I got him to wear the olive green tie,
the one printed with pheasants,
a new shirt and belt.

Now I’d like to thank you, Officer,
for upholding what we mistake
as the little laws.

You should know that this penalty
will cost far more than a mere
twenty-five dollars.

Yes, your barely-legible script sentenced
me to a theater outing as refreshing
as a hot, flat Coke.

A playbill curled two hours in his fist
still hasn’t the nerve to reclaim
its former shape.

He’s never been one to separate peas
from potatoes yet now, at dinner,
he’s picking.

The sliced mushrooms, drunk in a lake
of Marsala wine, seem to smile
to no avail.

So I try to flag down our waiter for a take-
home carton into which I’ll toss a sad
filet of chicken, which,

also never made it across the road.