Whispery her eye the flight / Caroline Brooke Morrell

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Caroline Brooke Morrell's work has appeared in Sentence, Conjunctions, Black Clock, Connecticut Review, Court Green, Arabesques Review, Spinning Jenny, Artful Dodge, Mid-American Review, and Oxford Magazine, as well as numerous other publications. She is a recipient of the AOP Fellowship for Doctoral Studies, Devine Fellowship for Poetry (Larissa Szporluk judging), Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship for Poetry, and the Cora Owlett Latzer Award from The Academy of American Poets.


Did your ma aha you in your white white suit?

Did ma shove your chin and sing rickaticktick?

And if you rattled along, windpipe pressing you

like a soft, white tooth

there were more verses to be learned

Beneath these footsteps the rail is abundant

rose paws sleep in gully violets,

clay and hornet turn sensitive shapes

Going going going out to the farm, Jack’s store,
back to the valley, the gully, the milk house, the
barn hill, down to the Boswells, the orchard, up to
the house

your back pocket risking with crickets

permission like a soft, white tooth.