Who Will Be Frenchy? | Michelle Lewis

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Michelle’s poetry, essays, reviews and collaborations can be found in a variety of places in print and online, or at whitechicken.com. She can do that thing with a Frisbee where it comes back to you, and she can ice skate a little.


Corpus Rap

People (for some reason) don’t like to talk about their bodies any more than they like to talk about David Gordon Green, even if he’s their Heidegger.  But then my ‘ready to hand’ is more ‘walk up to and fuck over’. You gonna eat that?  You know the time lapse footage from day to night to day? How I crave a thigh gap while waiting for that triangoli I just ordered? I’ll keep up my end of the bargain: we can talk about hermeneutics in a melancholy landscape.   Whatever it takes. Now tell me what you think of my supple, original ass.