With Missing Limb | Miriam Borgstrom

$ 7.00

Miriam Borgstrom’s work has appeared in E-RatioCosmonauts Avenue, and wildness. She recently collaborated with artist Myranda Bair for her All That Glitters exhibition. Miriam lives in Southern Nevada where she spends her time reading, writing, and rock climbing.


Prologue with Missing Limb

This glacier of unborn acrobats. These simple unknown diversions of a mole. Three houses filled with gas-like speed. The triplet clowns giggle when amputated. Those tripped children wish for golden insects. Thimbles defy the lack of thumb use. Thirty-seven unused broom sticks owned by the blind. Then again, she is a word. Thick underground train sets nest above moles. That strain to fix a dead toilet. Themes to her lunches only leave the dinner. Theater was our pages. Three-hundred pages.

Or the dialect is changed. Or we start over.

Another amputation was hysterical. And her grey hair swept the many thimbles. A hound, a number, and the feeble background. Artist was his name. Art is the only song. Apple reads her dry pale lips in the pouring rain. As for the hound, he never slept, wept, or enjoyed the new plumbing. All the cottages were set aflame. Ape-like children explain, we’re all like apes. And we minus these few. And they chat above the burning.

 Or we three chose the cat. Or we four chose the half-burnt limb.