Words with Friends / Rachel Feder

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2014

 This fall, Rachel Feder will join the English faculty at the University of Denver. She blogs about contemporary poetry at oona-verse.com.

On Beauty

We use a thing’s beauty to remember it by.
So the triplet sprigs, the one-edged
knife, make the ivy poison.
Making prints, a hand guides my
hand over the monotype. Image
of bleeding cherries goes
to press, the anvil left
unnoticed. Before a colonoscopy,
you pop a pill and let it all
pour out. On her break,
she sits in the lawn
with you behind the art barn,
fingering the chamomile and clover.
You know her indecision—
it’s a tendon running down
your ankle, a lemonade stand
you’ve always driven by.
What do we become? I am not
sure we change. We stretch out
inches and paint our lashes,
our beauties colorful pins
we use to hold up the map
of ourselves, to help us
to remember where we’ve been.