Wyoming | Dolly Lemke

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Dolly Lemke was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She lives and works in Chicago where she received an MFA in poetry from Columbia College Chicago. She is the author of two chapbooks, O Town Heights (DoubleCross Press, 2012) and I’m so into you (plumberries press, 2013). She founded and co-curated of The Dollhouse Reading Series from 2011-2016 and also co-founded the online poetry journal PINWHEEL where she serves as Poetry Editor. You can find her online at dollylemke.tumblr.com.



The first time
I couldn’t find him
was no different
than the others

I remembered
one of his
cryptic letters
bursting with
wrought metaphor
and allegory

I will kill the horses
and unhitch the trailer

While in motion
the sparks will fly

It’s not hard
to believe
he’s unlikeable
once he digs in
and you see
the fault lines
start to quiver

Every two years
a new PO box
a new house
a new horse