You May Feel Your Way Past Me | Jess Burnquist

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In addition to teaching high school English and Film as Literature, Jess is a Program Coordinator for the human rights education site, Rock Your World of the Creative Visions Foundation. She is also a co-founder and author of Kindred Spirits, a human rights focused education blog sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, NPR, Time, Yew Journal, Sundress, Hayden's Ferry Review, Natural Bridge and various online and print journals. Jess resides in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area with her husband, son, daughter and their 3-legged dog, Skipper



Your fingers, again,
Cupping and clawing the space
I once occupied.

What man hasn’t behaved as a tempest?

It’s not that you want me to bend--
You want to me to grow you into the pink froth
Of a sunlit sea. I’ll stay put for now.

The weather has escaped me
Like an irreverent dog.
I am above our bodies
When you notice my shape
In the clouds.