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dancing girl press, 2014

dancing girl press, 2014

Kassandra Lee grew up in San Diego, California. Her poems have most recently appeared in The Columbia Review and Quarto Literary Magazine. She received her Bachelors in Comparative Literature and Society from Columbia University. She lives in Beijing where she works as an arts educator.


Honey is a chalk miner’s daughter.
She straps me to the cinder blocks
since I am her peach internal ear.
Since we drink root beer on Daddy’s

porch, Honey, come spring, polishes off
my temporary ghost like string
cheese. A soul peels the way that
cheese does, slow. Sand rats come and go

with the knowledge that I should also
remain anonymous. Fruit bats
swarm in the burnt out barn by our
sworn silence. Bumper cars jar me

to sleep in the Santa Ana winds.
Honey presses her bandana
against me like a road sign sandstormed
against the earth, warmed in a heat

impossible to get through unless
you know the Pacific brews blue
beyond the mountains. She scatters trash
beyond pissed-on grass we watch turn

yellow, slow, like brown kids in winter
who go to good schools in small towns
out east. It means nothing to me. Far
out in a coal tar noon, the cold sun

drudges past in its honeyed cast.